Our Industrial Athletes

Our employees are a direct reflection of our company.

IDS employees are highly trained competitively compensated industrial athletes. Our investment in each employee starts with the interview process. We carefully screen each potential employee. They go through several rounds of interviews with questions targeted toward teamwork, customer service, safety and company culture.

Each employee is trained on specific pieces of machinery and receives a minimum of ten hours of supervised training per piece of equipment. The training includes videos, written tests, classroom instruction, hands on instruction, and a final evaluation/observation. All training is done by National Safety Council Certified Trainers. Each employee is issued a MHE card containing information on what equipment they are certified on, date certification was completed, and who completed the certification. All employees must have these cards on them at all times. OHSA requires re-certification every three years. IDS requires training to be done every two years.

Aside from providing typical benefits of paid vacation, health and dental programs we also provide life skill lessons and incentive programs. It’s important that we work with our employees and teach them to balance quality of work life, home life, and finances. We take pride in our employees and the results speak for themselves with our low single digit turnover, excellent attendance, and exceptional customer service.