Innovative Distribution Services has the most aggressive unloading rates on company loads and backhauled freight. Pricing varies based on the amount of volume in a facility as well as the percentage of “company delivered” vs. “over the road.” In many cases our rates on company controlled loads are below our cost or free depending again on the inbound “mix.”

IDS works on a small profit margin and we have some of the best rates available. We make our profit by increased volume and want to unload every trailer that is received. By providing aggressive rates and unloading the majority of inbound trailers we can help you control the receiving dock increasing door “turn” times increasing production.

We guarantee our customers that any trailer will be complete within a two hour timeframe. We realize that “over the road” truckers unloading their own freight can hinder “dock flow” slowing down a receiving operation. We work closely with trucking companies to structure set rates and direct billing. In order to maintain “dock flow” it is recommended that our customers institute a maximum unload time for any person unloading his or her own trailer. If we ever create any overtime for our customers, we agree to pay double that amount in full.