Real Time Solutions

IDS has an outstanding internet based reporting system available to our customers. Our system is fully customizable to our customers’ needs. Our customers can now see all information about any inbound load directly from their desk, monitors in work areas, or smart phones in real time. Digital photos are easily attached to loads and can be sent to the correct company representative directly from our hand held units. Customers can access daily inbound data and we provide customized reporting. We also provide weekly “scorecards” on our goal attainment. At IDS we provide dedicated resources to leverage the information we gather to create metrics for success.

Our process allows for:

  • Maximizing of inbound scheduling
  • Eliminating inbound damage
  • Tracking pallets in and out of your facility
  • Increasing saturation percentage
  • Increasing inbound cases-per-hour
  • Reducing average door turn time
  • Leveraging our vendor relationships to increase overall load quality
  • Working with logistics departments between facilities to streamline inbound processes